IBSi Global FinTech Innovation Awards 2023

Bangalore, December 2023 – Finonyx Software Solutions announced that Finonyx has been honoured with the prestigious Global Fintech Innovation Award 2023 from IBS Intelligence for their outstanding work in the field of Core Banking Implementation.
This recognition highlights Finonyx’ s commitment to excellence and innovation, specifically for our Greenfield Banking project with Signature Bank in Nigeria.

  • Award Details:


Best Core Banking Implementation – Best Tools and Practices Adopted


Signature Bank, Nigeria

“Finonyx's role in Signature Bank's Oracle Flexcube implementation stands as a testament to collaborative partnership, adept problem-solving, and adherence to industry best practices, all of which were integral to the success of this greenfield banking project. Congratulations to Finonyx for their well-deserved win in the category of ‘Best Core Banking Implementation: Best Tools and Practices Adopted.’
Nikhil Gokhale
Director - Research & Digital Properties at IBS Intelligence
  • Project Overview:

FLEXCUBE Implementation:

Finonyx spearheaded the implementation of Oracle FLEXCUBE, providing Signature Bank with a robust core banking solution to support their operations seamlessly.

Customer-Centric Approach:

 Finonyx team worked closely with Signature Bank to tailor FLEXCUBE to their specific needs, ensuring a customer-centric approach to banking services.

Regulatory Complexity:

 Navigating the intricate regulatory landscape in Nigeria was a challenge. Finonyx’s in-depth understanding and experience in managing regulatory complexities played a crucial role in the project success.

Short Time Frame:

 The project faced a tight timeframe, demanding a swift yet thorough implementation. Finonyx’s dedicated teams collaborated seamlessly with Signature Bank, to meet deadlines without compromising quality.

Dedication and Collaboration:

Success hinged on the dedication of both Finonyx and Signature Bank teams. Their unwavering commitment to the project fostered a collaborative environment, overcoming challenges with agility and efficiency.

The successful FLEXCUBE implementation not only enabled Signature Bank to kickstart its banking journey but also positioned them with a competitive edge in the market. The project’s success is a testament to the collaborative spirit, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence demonstrated by both Finonyx and Signature Bank teams.