Managed Services

Effectively manage L1, L2, L3 Support activities

Timely generation of critical reports

Ensure timely bug fixes and patch updates.

Banking industry has been in the forefront of technology investments often blurring the lines between technology firms and banking service providers. Banks today needs multiple complex systems to run in parallel to ensure uninterrupted availability and service delivery. These systems include the bank’s core banking systems, technology infrastructure, front end systems for customer experience, Risk and Analytics applications to meet regulatory requirements and compliance. Managing this ecosystem of multiple systems and applications would require significant manpower and technology expertise.

Management at banks find themselves in a conflicting position of investing in resources for core areas of business vis-à-vis investing in a larger technology team. Getting into a strategic partnership with a trusted service provider with proven experience and expertise to run the bank’s technology ecosystem can help the management focus on core business objectives of acquiring more customers, introducing new and innovative products and services.

Managed Services from Finonyx ensures that the technology ecosystem witnesses minimal downtime and the services are always available to its customers. With a unique combination of onsite and Off-shore support model the bank’s IT is constantly monitored, and issues are identified early, and timely issue resolution is initiated.

Our expertise around the banking technology environment and Oracle’s Financial Services Product Suite ensures that the production related issues are raised with the vendor and the product updates are implemented.

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