Core Banking Transformation


1. Process Discovery
2. Process Optimization
3. Analytics


1. Implementation
2. End-to-end Implementations

Managed Services

Maintenance and support

In an increasingly saturated banking and financial sector, it has become imperative for banks and other financial institutions to continuously evolve, remain competitive and provide excellent user experiences to their customers.

Today, banks are under enormous pressure to optimize its spends and improve productivity. Another challenge that banks face is the scarcity of skilled resources. Banks also need to have efficiency in their processes while containing personnel costs, which has paved the way for the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Consulting services by Finonyx adopts a well-defined framework to deliver digital workforce that increases operational efficiency, minimizes errors safeguarding compliance norms, reduces cost significantly favoring profitability, and shortens process cycle time. Our certified consultants are ready to work with you to discover manual processes that can be automated.

We offer full range of Consulting, Implementation and Managed Services on UiPath platform.

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